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Membership Criteria

1. Any applicant for membership in the Southern Africa – Georgia Chamber of Commerce (SAGCC) – either company, NGO or individual may be granted a regular SAGCC membership by the Management Committee on a case-by-case basis, if the following criteria are met:

1.1. Is a Southern African- or Georgian-based or registered company or a citizen of any of the participating countries; and
1.2. Is intent on furthering social, business or economic relationships between and in either of the relevant countries; and
1.3. Underwrites and subscribes to the SAGCC Constitution; and
1.4. Is recommended for Membership by a member of the Chamber or has other credentials that the Management Committee considers satisfactory for membership.

Note: Even though the applicant may not meet the criteria set out in paragraph 1.1 above, the applicant may still be considered for membership by the Committee. If the Committee deems the applicant one of strategic importance to the Chamber’s mission and objectives, the Committee may approve the application on this ground.

2. The Committee does not have to provide an applicant the reason for refusing or disproving an application for membership.

3. If the application for membership is approved, it will be treated as formalized only once the membership fee has been received by the Chamber. The applicant will be informed of the approval and that they can proceed to affect payment.


SAGCC Banking Details:
Account Name: The Southern African Georgia Chamber of Commerce
Bank: First National Bank, Brooklyn Mall, South Africa
Account Number: 62518614989
Branch Code: 251345
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

Kindly forward proof of payment to