Benefits for our Members

Southern Africa Georgia Chamber of Commerce


Members Benefits:
• Access to business and trade information about the two countries as well the Caucasus and SADC regions

• Access to relevant sector contacts

• SAGCC to tap into database, benefits, events and information of e.g. the BMF, AHI and Georgian National Chamber of Commerce

• Participation in the development/improvement of policy recommendations for SA and Georgian officials, aimed at increasing bi-lateral trade and improving the bi-lateral investment environments

• Inter-active web-site for more easy participation and access to opportunities such as investment and tenders

• Timely notification of tenders, events, opportunities

• Arrange sector specific and networking events – providing speaking opportunities for members at these events, and in doing so, increasing their visibility

• Event sponsorship

• Facilitate contacts between Companies

• Act as a filter for legitimate business


Membership Application Form:
Click here to Download the Membership Application Form.


• Marius Heyns: Chairperson
• Marius Jooste: Deputy Chairperson & Finance
• Gerda Heyman: Finance and Secretariat
• Adriaan Kruger: Additional Member
• Petro Kruger: Additional Member
• Casey Manyama: Additional Member
• Jacques Steyn: Substitute to Marius Jooste as co-Director of Quinxi IT



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