Southern Africa Georgia Chamber of Commerce (SAGCC)
The Objectives and Purpose of the SAGCC:

The principal objective of the Southern Africa Georgia Chamber of Commerce (‘the Chamber’) is to advance economic activity between and within Southern Africa and Georgia.

It is the belief of the Chamber that free and open commercial exchanges and endeavour are conducive to economic growth and prosperity for individuals, businesses and the citizens of both countries.

Activities of the Chamber are designed to promote, nurture and support international trade, investment, and business activities, in general, and in particular for members. The Chamber endeavours to provide members with relevant and timeous business and support information to assist with their economic activities. It seeks to carry out its mandate in an effective, credible and non-partisan manner for all members.

The Chamber is open to members from all economic sectors, including; the Primary Sector (including, agriculture, mining and other extractive industries; the Secondary Sector (including manufacturing, engineering and construction); the Tertiary Sector (service-style industries such as financial services, retail trade, plus intellectual activities involving education, consulting and research).

The Chamber seeks to solicit members from the full spectrum of both countries’ communities, who are upright, active and will further pursue the objectives and purposes of the Chamber.


• Marius Heyns: Chairperson
• Marius Jooste: Deputy Chairperson & Finance
• Gerda Heyman: Finance and Secretariat
• Adriaan Kruger: Additional Member
• Petro Kruger: Additional Member
• Casey Manyama: Additional Member

• Jacques Steyn: Substitute to Marius Jooste as co-Director of Quinxi IT


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About the SAGCC:

The SAGCC is a Pretoria based membership association that encourages bi-lateral trade and investment, protects its members’ interests and serves as a platform for constructive dialogue on the Georgian and South African business environments. It is a non-political trade body which facilitates bi-lateral investment and trade, business growth and contacts at senior level between Georgia and South Africa. Its main objective is to advise companies and businesses in Georgia and South Africa regarding the respective business, financial markets and opportunities. To achieve this, it is important for the SAGCC to supply relevant, accurate, true and complete information efficiently and timely, and to establish and nurture bi-lateral contacts.

The SAGCC will aim to:
• promote Georgia as a “hub” or “gateway” for business/trade in the rest of the Caucasus region,
• promote Southern Africa as a “hub” or “gateway” for business/trade in the rest of the SADC region,
• and to act as a filter to ensure “clean” and bone-fide business between Georgia and South Africa

Co-operation in the fields of tourism, vini-culture, agriculture, construction, pharmaceutical, etc will be promoted. The focus will also be on mutual knowledge transfer, exchange programs and co-operation agreements between Universities.

An inter-active web-site will soon be operational, providing access to opportunities such as tenders, trade and investment for both Georgian and Southern African companies and businesses.
email: info@sagcc.biz | tel: +27 79 987 9747
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